Marriage Records – Monmouth County, NJ

It seems like ages ago, but it was only last month that I ventured out to yet another new repository.   The NGS lesson at that time included surveying marriage records at different types of repositories. If always knew what to do, I wouldn’t need to take the course.  Vital records are confusing.  They are different for different states, counties and towns and they are different depending on the time period.  Looking at records was part of the assignment.  Finding where to look at the records was the challenge. Websites for the Union County Clerk and the Burlington County Clerk didn’t have any information on a collection of marriage records.  I had hoped to do some personal research during this assignment, so I tried Monmouth County Clerk next.  The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office did not send their records to the State Archives in Trenton, but maintains them at the County Archives.  … Continue reading

Jerry’s Genealogy Party

I never heard of a genealogy party until I was invited to Jerry’s.  Jerry is my cousin Theresa’s husband.  He has been doing genealogy research and working on his ever expanding tree for many years.  He was making trips to the New York City Archives when I was just learning research on    So a genealogy party made total sense when I got an Evite invitation for Jerry’s birthday.   As I read the invitation, “in lieu of a gift please bring an old photo or a piece of your past…,” I thought “great idea!” We were all talking about what to bring.  Some people were bringing pictures, others records.  In the meantime, Jerry had gotten a box of photos and stuff from our Uncle Bob.  Our grandmother was a genealogy dream!  She had neatly written who the people were and when it was on so many of the photos.  In … Continue reading

Land Records Part 2 – Union County

Shortly after Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi spoke at the Genealogy Society of the West Fields in October, I met her at Monmouth County Archives and History Day.  I mentioned that I would like to share my notes from her talk about the Union County Land Records and she was kind enough to send me the current inventory of the most frequently used documents. (As of October 2013) Union County Record Room Inventory Union County, New Jersey Index of Chattel Mortgages: 1857 – 1962 (Individual Books are archived on film) Mortgages: 1857- 1984 (1985 – current: online) Deeds: 1857 – 1984 (1985 – current: on-line) Assignments: 1857 – 1991 (1992 – current: on-line) Discharges: 1857 – 1991 (1992 – current: on-line) Liens: 1857 – 1984 (1985 – current: on-line) Church Corporations: 1857- present Construction Lien: (1994 – current: on-line) Lis Pendens: 1861 – 1994 (1995 – current: on-line) Release of … Continue reading