Kennebec County, Maine Deeds

I want to start by saying that while I take the quality of my work very seriously; I don’t take myself too seriously.  Sharing my mistakes is not a suggestion to make them or an endorsement of them.  That being said, this a small humorous cautionary tale, “don’t do as I did.” Who knew that deed records could sometimes be found online?  Not me, at least not before my Boston University course.  Thank you BU.  After I learned how to research deeds from the comfort of my own desk chair, I decided to do a search for some ancestors in Maine.  Whenever I get a new tool, I always want to practice.  Learning about a new type of record and where to find it feels a lot like a magic to me.  Kennebec County has a great website for deed research.  I might have struggled with the lesson initially, but … Continue reading