Facebook, Now A Learning Tool

Facebook isn’t just fluff.  I am not particularly Facebook savvy, but I can absolutely appreciate that it does help people keep in touch.  It is also great as a way to keep current on happenings in genealogy.  This morning as I belatedly scrolled through a few days posts, I remembered I had seen something posted by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania about old NYC maps.  Genealogy societies and Historical societies post some wonderfully helpful information on Facebook. This particular post was about an article by CityLab.com that talked about a 19th Century “Stench Map” and how smells and their causes have impacted the development of parts of New York City.  Included in the article is an image of a “Map Showing Location of Odor Producing Industries in New York and Brooklyn.” Prior to seeing the Facebook post, I had not thought about the issue, even though some of my research is … Continue reading