Land Records Part 2 – Union County

Shortly after Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi spoke at the Genealogy Society of the West Fields in October, I met her at Monmouth County Archives and History Day.  I mentioned that I would like to share my notes from her talk about the Union County Land Records and she was kind enough to send me the current inventory of the most frequently used documents. (As of October 2013) Union County Record Room Inventory Union County, New Jersey Index of Chattel Mortgages: 1857 – 1962 (Individual Books are archived on film) Mortgages: 1857- 1984 (1985 – current: online) Deeds: 1857 – 1984 (1985 – current: on-line) Assignments: 1857 – 1991 (1992 – current: on-line) Discharges: 1857 – 1991 (1992 – current: on-line) Liens: 1857 – 1984 (1985 – current: on-line) Church Corporations: 1857- present Construction Lien: (1994 – current: on-line) Lis Pendens: 1861 – 1994 (1995 – current: on-line) Release of … Continue reading

Land Records – Union County New Jersey

A few years ago I came to the realization that online research, however wonderful in its accessibility and scope, did and does have its limitations.  In slow and sometimes small steps I began to make trips to historical societies and most recently, Monmouth County Archives.  I also looked for local genealogical societies. I joined the Genealogical Society of the West Fields in New Jersey.  They have great speakers! At the October meeting, the guest speaker was Joanne Rajoppi, Union County Clerk.  She talked about Land Records maintained by her office.  Many records are searchable online from 1985 to the present. Records prior to January 1986 are in the process of being imaged. It was a great talk and very enlightening.  Ms. Rajoppi was approachable and helpful.  She explained about Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments and liens as well as showing samples of some of the documents.  The most interesting one was the … Continue reading

Next Step – NGS Home Study Course

While I was taking the Boston University course, I learned about the National Genealogical Society’s Home Study Course.  There are 16 lessons on three cd’s and each student progresses at their own pace.  The course really seems like it will give a good foundation for researching American records.   I ordered all three cd’s at once and am taking the graded version.  Completion of the graded version earns a certificate from NGS.  That’s my new goal, to earn that certificate. I took the online version of BU’s certificate program.  The plus side is that you can do it from home.  In theory you can work when you want at your own pace, but the course is broken into modules and those modules have to be completed within a certain time to earn a certificate.  There are is a forum to interact and exchange ideas with other students in the class.  The … Continue reading